Is there any possibility to get views with definite characteristics?
Unfortunately, we do not work with targeted views and cannot deliver them to you. However, we will provide you with the views from real people from many countries of the world.
Do the views come from real people?
Yes, we only provide views from real people. We allow no cheating and that is why we do not use any black hat techniques.
Can my videos be banned?
We use only clean techniques to provide you with necessary views. In this case, neither your videos nor your channel will not be banned.
How long does it take to complete the order?
All the required time is stated in the descriptions of packages. And we guarantee that we will do our best to deliver you ordered views within respective time.
My video is frozen. What have you done and what should I do?
No need to panic! This is the procedure of YouTube that freezes your video after it gets 300-400 views to check it. They have to make sure those views are not machine views. We guarantee you that this check will not influence your popularity since our views are from real people.
Can you guarantee the speeds in anyway?
We can measure speeds only on the daily basis. The actual speeds always have different values.
Will I be able to get my money back?
We can only refund you your money if the video was not approved and we have not started working on it. If the process of delivering you views was already started, we cannot give money back.
Is it possible to cancel the order?
This would depend on the type of order and conditions. However, the order can be canceled only until its completion is started.
How long must I wait?
Depending on the size and complexity of the order, each package requires various time frame for fulfillment. Typically, you will be able to notice first results after 1-2 days since your order start.